What the hell?

Well friends, the nice thing about the companion blog is I have freedom to rant here about my political frustration without tainting the simple crudity that is The Crseum. So…..the past eleven days have been disconcerting for me to say the least. First, Obama picks Biden, then America goes plum crazy over Obama’s speech and then last Friday, out of nowhere…there she was.

So you want this to be my hilary? I waver between incredulous and insulted. Because better folks than I are handling this all over the internet, I won’t belabor my blog with the list of reasons she is SO NOT HILARY. Ive read enough in the past four days to believe that clearly Sarah Palin was not “vetted” in any realistic way. Which makes no sense. But then again so much of this past year makes no sense. Much like 2000 made no sense to me.

Friends, the time has come for me to be frank. Im not a huge Obama fan. Why? I will tell you why. I don’t think he’s as progressive as we are giving him credit for being. He keeps saying “change” and “we can do it” and stuff but friends, he ain’t that liberal. Take FISA for instance. Obama supports a broad enforcement of FISA law. After he said he wouldn’t.  And he said he wouldn’t because broad enforcement of FISA law is well…pretty damn Big Brother.  There are other issues friends. But suffice it to say Obama is moving towards the middle of the road. Which does not bother me as much as the fact that people aren’t going to look at him and see this. They are going to see that he was endorsed by “NARAL” as the most pro-choice candidate, but they won’t see that there was a split up until the end about the endorsement. And that the organization backed Hilary until it was clear it was Obama. They will hear that he was the most liberal senator in 2007 but not that he has been hedging towards the middle on several issues including the death penalty, abortions and the war in Iraq. They hear these great catch phrases and they forget that we have to count on this guy to be our president. i just don’t think he knows what he is doing. And what he does know? Doesn’t always seem to bode well for folks like me who are not quite Ron Paul but still hanging on that left fringe. But ill vote for him why? Because the fact that sarah palin could be president…oh i can’t finish that sentence friends….

So here is the thing John mccain. if you really wanted to give me a hilary? You should have thrown a Joe Lieberman my way. That would have given me pause. Or at least stopped me from laughing in your face.


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