About the companion blog

I made this blog when I realized that I spend a lot of time writing long comments on blogs I like. Blog etiquette says I should be posting these thoughts myself on my own damn blog. At the same time, I don’t want to change the tone of the crseum. So I figured a companion blog would solve the problem, keeping the crseum “pure” while allowing me to vocalize some of my thought processes not only in regards to my own posts but also my impressions related to the outer world (it can be political, social, or simply a processing of events taking place right here in my community). Since it is a “companion” blog, Ive decided to work the blog sans comments as I simply don’t have the resources to give regular thoughtful comments the attention they deserve. (ok and honestly? Because Im a middle child. I absolutely don’t mind when people don’t agree with me but I become VERY uncomfortable when they disagree with each other. You just don’t have that on silly blogs usually, but it’s much more frequent on serious blogs….) I will try to link from the crseum when I have “back-up” thoughts to a post. Enjoy the blog but don’t feel pressure if you’d rather stick to the satire!


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